Daily news bulletin on German startups

YouTube is being sued by the German society of music authors for copyright infringement; SoundCloud has created a social app that lets users „pay“ musicians for downloads in the form of recommendations via social networks; iPhone 4s will soon go on sale in Vodafone stores across Germany; Simfy users can now sync their profiles with Last.fm; and Nuremberg prepares to host Startup Weekend.

GEMA sues YouTube for copyright violation

YouTube, Video-PortalThe German society of music authors GEMA has joined an international alliance of rights holders including BMI to get a court in Hamburg to issue an injunction against YouTube for infringing copyright on videos and music. Negotiations with Google’s subsidiary began in April but no settlement was reached on compensation, which led to a court hearing in August. At that time, the judge decided there was no urgency in issuing an injunction against YouTube, but said that in principle one was justified. In Germany, GEMA represents the copyrights of more than 60,000 composers, lyricists, and music publishers.

SoundCloud releases social app

SoundCloud, Audio-DienstThe online audio platform SoundCloud has released  an open source app called SoundCloud Social that will give musicians using the service a currency other than hard cash for their efforts. Music creators can embed the app on their website to make users „pay“ for downloads in the form of tweets, Diggs or status updates on Facebook. Once published, the download link will be activated for the user. Thus, while no money is changing hands, musicians „earn“ the next best thing: kudos on the social networks.

Vodafone to offer iPhone 4 in Germany

ipHone 4 vodafone germanyUntil now the iPhone 4 has only been available via Deutsche Telekom but that’s all set to change this month. According to the German web magazine Macnotes, Vodafone will start selling the new iPhone on 23 October via its branded outlets, with a minimum 24-month commitment to a Vodafone pay plan. There are also rumours that O2 Germany will soon begin officially marketing the iPhone 4 in Germany.

Last.fm integrates Simfy

The popular Internet radio site Last.fm has now added German clone Simfy as a playlink provider. It means that when faced with tracks for which only a 30 second preview is streaming at Last.fm, German users can follow a Simfy link, listen to the whole track and add it to their Simfy playlist. So-called „scrobbling“ is fully enabled, so a user’s profiles on both sites can be set up to sync automatically.

One for the Diary: Startup Weekend

startup weekend nurembergAfter a successful outing last year, Nuremberg will again play host to Startup Weekend, which invites anyone with a business interest from „engineers, scientists, graphic artists, designers and marketing specialists to lawyers, business angels and experienced entrepreneurs“ to come along individually for a chance of joining a startup team. The aim? To set up a company in 48 hours. By the end of the weekend, you could be part of a new and innovative startup.  The event runs from 5 – 7 November. Register on amiando.