Today’s top stories: Simfy’s ‚will they or won’t they‘ launch of a new iPhone App has everyone confused; the VZ networks continue to ape Facebook with a ‚like‘ type button; Qype founder Stephan Uhrenbacher is entrepreneur-in-residence at BV Capital; and Munich location software developer Aloqa has been bought up by Motorola.

Simfy launches iPad App – not yet

What’s going on in the house of Simfy? On Thursday evening the streaming music startup confused local journalists with the message: „You may have received a press release today about the launch of an iPad App for Simfy. We would like to explicitly deny the report.“ Apparently, while the App is definitely in development, the release date has still not been fixed.

VZ networks copy ‚like‘ button

StudiVZ CTO Volker SchmidtThe social network Studi-VZ has long looked to Facebook for ideas on how to develop its own platform. Now all three of the VZ networks are to introduce a variation of the successful Facebook ‚Like‘ button. presumably introduced. According to the Basic Thinking blog (German) this function will of course have a different name, „but ultimately is apparently nothing more than a counterpart to the Facebook button.“

Uhrenbacher goes to eVenture Capital

Qype- and Avocado Store-founder Stephan Uhrenbacher is going to work for a spell at BV Capital/eVenture, where he is the current Entrepreneur in Residence. In his blog Uhrenbacher explains that his role involves helping „in the identification of outstanding entrepreneurs … and simultaneously getting access to the mindset of investors.“

Motorola buys Aloqa

The American mobile giant Motorola has acquired the Munich startup Aloqa, a location-based information service which alerts Smartphone users to events, parties or relevant businesses and service in the area. Motorla now plans to integrate the Aloqa software into its Motoblur service.