Daily news bulletin on German startups

Local city map provider Stadtplandienst.de is rumoured to be a takeover target for Microsoft; streaming music site Simfy has launched a new an improved app that integrates with social networks; and Lokalisten.de is one of the first adopters of captchas that use video advertising.

Stadtplandienst.de a target for Microsoft

microsoft standtplandienstMicrosoft is understood to be  in advanced takeover talks with the German online city map platform Stadtplandienst.de, according to Wirtschaftswoche. Citing unnamed sources close to the talks,  the paper said there was around a 65 percent chance that the takeover would go ahead although the likely dollar value of the deal was not known.

Streaming site Simfy goes social

simfy goes socialSimfy, which provides streaming online music, has revamped its desktop application and added social features to enable users to swap or recommend their favourite songs through social networking platforms including Facebook, Last.fm and Twitter. The new app allows users to pass on recommendations to friends independently from the Simfy website. The German startup is also working on offering users the app through third parties, so they will be able to download the free app via other websites and directly register for Simfy using the app.

Lokalisten adopts video captchas

video captchas, captchaadSocial networking site Lokalisten.de has introduced a new type of security query from CaptchaAd. Instead of the usual „spelling“ out of alphanumeric codes – or, as in many cases, the fumbling attempt to copy something that is barely legible – Lokalisten has adopted video commercials which the user watches an advert and then must answer a query relating to the content to pass the security check.