Daily news bulletin on German startups

Today’s top stories: Swiss VC Centralway sells shares in angel investor network BrainsToVentures; live shopping portal Preisbock is repurchased by founder dotSource; and Google will be launching Street View for Google Maps in 20 German cities.

Centralway sells shares in BrainsToVentures

Swiss VC sells shares in Brains2VenturesThe Swiss VC Centralway has sold its shares in BrainsToVentures, a network of business angels in German speaking Europe that also holds stakes in translation engine Linguee and Kennstdueinen, a combination of online business directory, search engine marketing and interactive web 2.0. The Centralway shares were sold to BrainsToVentures itself.

Preisbock returns to dotSource

Preisbock returns to dotSourcedotSource, the ’social e-commerce‘ agency, has repurchased the live shopping portal Preisbock. The portal was originally set up in 2007 by dotSource founder Christian Otto, before being spun off into an independent company. Preisbock has been profitable according to its own data for months and in light of the stumbling of competitors in this segment, that is something to be cheered. Investors Oliver Jung, Lukasz Gadowski and Oliver Flaskämper probably got their money back, but with no big wins.

Google Street View to launch in Germany this year

Google to launch Street View in Germany in 2010Google Street View for Maps will be launched in Germany by the end of the year, with 20 German cities set to receive the Street View treatment from Berlin to Wuppertal. From next week the internet giant will provide information at www.google.de/streetview about the launch, including a privacy request form allowing tenants and landlords to ask to be omitted from the Street View results.