Today’s top stories: Real estate portal ImmobilienScout24 has turned investor with the launch of its own incubator, You Is Now; the health portal Inmedo has secured and after tough negotiations with the domains‘ owner; and organic e-shop Avocado Store has won €300,000 in a competition to find the Founder of 2010.

Immobilienscout24 launches own startup incubator

You is now, incubator, startupsGermany’s largest real estate portal ImmobilienScout24 has taken more than a few people by surprise with the launch of You Is Now, a „startup platform“ that promises Internet entrepreneurs a funding package of capital investment, business support and expertise worth 500,000 euros over 12 months to take their web business from infancy to the next level. It is looking in particular for applications that shake up the real estate value chain, whether providing a fresh twist on an existing problem or incorporating mobile or social networking.

Imedo secures premium doctor domains

The health portal Imedo has according to its own statement secured the domains and after long and arduous negotiations. It will immediately gain in traffic from type-ins and says the acquisitions will enhance the user friendliness of the Imedo offering. Artz suche means literally ‚doctor search‘ and is the most popular keyword term for Germans looking for a physician online.

Avocado Store crowned website of the year

Avocado Hamburg startup The Hamburg startup Avocado Store, which sells only organic products, has won a competition held by business paper Wirtschaftswoche to find the Founder of 2010, picking up a cool €300,000 prize money in the process. Founders Philip Gloeckler and Stephan Uhrenbacher won out against competition including Coupies, Discovery and Lakejet. Franz Rother, deputy chief editor at WirtschaftsWoche, said: „The team at Avocado Store have built a clever idea into a solid business model in a very short time.“