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It will have a been a long weekend of partying for 12 of the 23 early stage startups who made the trip to London for Seedcamp Week 2010. In previous years, at most a few of the participants were crowned ‚winners‘ and walked away with financial investment plus the ’smart money‘ of experienced entrepreneurs and investors to take their business to the next level. In an unprecedented first for the Seedcamp platform, this year a dozen of the assembled startups were deemed to be promising enough young businesses to win the Seedcamp seal of approval. Two of them hail from Berlin.

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€50,000 investment for 12 of Europe’s best startups

Friday was the culmination of a year-long process to find the very best early stage startups from Europe and beyond, with 900 applicants from as far afield as Johannesburg and Tel Aviv competing for a €50,000 investment (in return for a minority stake). This morning, 12 teams of young entrepreneurs will be heading back to work in the knowledge that their startups are on the cusp of something big. Seedcamp has made a point of seeking out those startups with immediate potential to be scaled globally.

German startups Uberblic and Nuji do well

Among the winners is Berlin-based uberblic, the one business this year to make it to Seedcamp Week that is wholly a product of the German startup ecosystem.  Founder and ubergeek Georgi Kobilarov has come up with a groundbreaking data integration solution that will enable developers to create new and more powerful apps by drawing on and integrating existing web and enterprise data from a variety of sources, something which currently is only possible at formidable cost.

Berlin can also be proud of playing a part in the formation of Nuji, a social shopping platform that looks set to change the way the Twitterati go shopping. It was founded in Berlin by co-founders Dean Fankhauser, an Australian, and Vincent Thome, a Frenchman, while the pair were living in Berlin in early 2010. They have since relocated to London to debut their application in the much more mature UK consumer culture.

Seedcamp 2010 winners

Here’s a full list of this year’s winning startups. Remember the names and study the business models; it’s likely we are going to be seeing a lot more of them in the near future.

  • „World’s first car finance comparison website“
  • Editd: „Fashion industry intelligence, in real time“
  • GIS Cloud: „World’s first freemium geographic information system“
  • Ineze: „Finds best-matching consumer products using structured decision engine“
  • Profitero: „Sales analytics for monitoring competitors“
  • Sparkeo: „Enabling experts to monetise their knowledge via video content“
  • Uberblic: „Data integration service for web and enterprise data“
  • Albia: „Delivers a range of software solutions for business“
  • Nuji: “Social shopping platform bridging online and offline interaction with products”
  • Trebax: “Pairing brands with games and other media for advertising”
  • Garmz: “Enabling up and coming fashion designers to launch their own label”
  • Wordy: “Web application for professional copy-editing”

Read our earlier report from day one of Seedcamp, where we predicted that Garmz and Nuji would emerge with the investment they were after. No one could have predicted that 12 companies in total would leave London with the backing of Seedcamp, which year on year has grown into the most influential incubator of its kind in Europe. Bring on Seedcamp 2011!

About the author:

Michael Hall is editor of the English language Gründerszene, which launched in June 2010. Before moving to Berlin he was a journalist based in London and worked for news organisations including Reuters, Haymarket, the Press Association and The Guardian. More recently he was International Content Manager for the Berlin web startup erento.

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