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High-Mobility GmbH
  • High-Mobility GmbH
  • gegründet: Januar 2013
  • Status: aktiv


Software Plattform

High Mobilitiy is developing a distributed software platform with SDKs for connected cars, wearables and mobile devices. The platform allows secure applications to be built for the mobility industry, whereas the connected car can be personally owned, part of car-sharing or car-rental. The SDKs implement a layer on top of existing and wide-spread communication standards, such as Bluetooth Low Energy. The cars implementing the SDK will sense, detect and authenticate nearby smart devices. In turn the car can determine what kind of access the user in question has. Depending on what functionality the smart device offers, different applications can be developed. To bring examples, the car could get access to real time health information from a wearable device, which would allow the car to take over steering if health alerts are received. From the user perspective, it’s possible to configure a mobility identity to gain access to cars that are part of different mobility services. This mobility identity can be stored onto wearable devices and be used as credentials in the physical world.

High-Mobility Team

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