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HR & Digital Careers Meetup Munich

Donnerstag, 6. Juli 2017, 19:00 Uhr
Donnerstag, 6. Juli 2017, 19:00 Uhr
München, Personio GmbH

Gründerszene Jobboard, as an integral part of the online magazine Gründerszene is the prime address for companies based in the digital economy which are looking for new talents with digital affinity to enhance their team.

This is the first meetup of this series in munich and is organized by Gründerszene Jobboard together with Personio. Personio is an innovative SaaS Startup based in Munich. Personio enables HR managers to recruit, manage and develop people through software. The company holistically engaged in Human Resources. Personio regularly hosts networking events about state of the art HR topics and the Personio blog is a HR knowledge hub for the curious.

Program: Doors: 18:30 
Start: 19:00 


1.) Robindro Ullah: Do we still need leaders in a digital world?
The presentation will be about Robindro's opinion referring the modern leadership. We are heading towards the shareconomy without realizing the consequences. We are trying to bring old models and structures into a new world without rethinking. The concept of leadership should be challenged and there are already good examples which show how it could work.  

Robindro is a German speaker, consultant and blogger specialised in the HR fields of Employer Branding, HR Marketing and Recruiting. The studied economics mathematician has gathered international experience in employer branding and HR communications through positions at Deutsche Bahn and VOITH GmbH. Today his key topics are innovations in HR and recruiting, the demographic change in the workforce and intercultural competence as well as migration topics connected to HR.

2.) Jenny Podewils: If AI takes your job, will it find you a new one?
Jobs will change due to advances in technology, particularly in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). The key difference compared to the past is the speed of this technological change, which is now impacting every industry and no longer only blue (manual) but increasingly also white collar (non-manual) jobs. The key questions this talk addresses: Are we still going to work in the future? How can individuals, organizations and countries prepare for a decade of job disruptions? And finally, if AI takes your job, will it find you a new one? 
Jenny is one of the founders of the HR tech startup Leapsome. She previously worked in media (Zeitverlag/ DIE ZEIT) and clean tech in strategic and business roles with a focus on digitization and change. She is an alumna of St. Gallen, Oxford and Singularity University. Her passion is leveraging the transition to people-centric and meaningful work at times of accelerating technological change.



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