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Data Research / Management (m/f)



Business Development Projektmanagement Sonstige

Frühestmöglicher Eintrittstermin: Mai 2017

Anstellungsverhältnis: Vollzeit

Berufserfahrung: Mit Berufserfahrung

Data Research/ Management


Data Research/Management

You love researching and validating information online? Attention to detail is your thing?  Meeting deadlines and collaborating with team members to increase efficiency thrills you?  Being dependable, responsible, discreet  and  straightforward is part of your genetic makeup? Time flies when you work and you would preferably work 40 hrs a week?

If all of the above is you, please apply!

About us

New medical therapies are developed in collaboration of medical experts (doctors) and health care industry partners. So far, these two groups have no dedicated virtual collaboration platform. Medicisto is building exactly this platform to improve the way medical experts innovate new medical treatments. You will be working with an international, motivated, diligent and friendly team, including medical experts and industry professionals.


  • Acquire and verify data related to medical fields (eg immunology)
  • Manage deadlines, provide editing and quality check
  • Team support and flexibility to jump into another area of the process if needed

Skills and qualifications

  • Technical expertise regarding data acquisition, preferably in the medical field
  • Computer / internet savvy;  excel, word, slack, drive are second nature to you
  • The ability to plan work, meet deadlines and improve processes
  • Impeccable attention to detail and accuracy
  • Speaking skills in German or English

Nice to have

  • Any further language skill is a plus
  • Familiar with scientific and medical databases such as PubMed and clinicaltrials.gov

General setup

  • You can begin working as soon as you like, at best yesterday
  • You can write invoices as a freelancer or become an employee
  • Full flexibility in working hours (day, night, weekends)


This is you? Please apply!

Zusätzliche Informationen Stadt Berlin, Deutschland Art der Stelle Vollzeit Eintrittsdatum 14.05.2017 Verantwortlich Felice Arning

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