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Innovation Intern / Working Student (m/f) Venture Empowerment

innogy Innovation Hub


Business Development Operations Sonstige

Frühestmöglicher Eintrittstermin: August 2017

Anstellungsverhältnis: Praktikum


The innogy Innovation Hub builds innovative, digitally-focused business models for the future. The start-up programme offers partnerships, coaching and the infrastructure you need to grow a start-up to a high-performance, high-growth business. The Berlin Hub team is responsible to bring new venture ideas to live and guide the collaboration between innogy, start-ups and the entire Berlin startup ecosystem.

To strengthen our team we are currently looking for student workers (15-20h/week) or interns (fulltime).

Your tasks:

  • You will be responsible for your own working area for designing new event formats, manage communications and contacts
  • Become part of a lively and result-driven team
  • Work with very experienced people form Berlin’s start-up scene
  • Get a lot of first-hand experience in the energy sector and start-up business

Your profile:

  • Bachelor or Master Students enrolled in business, management, entrepreneurial, engineering or science studies 
  • Very good organizational skills, ability to multi-task
  • Capable to work independently and self-directed
  • Ability to bootstrap and work hands-on
  • Very good skills in Excel, Word, PowerPoint and online tools
  • Experience in event management and/or training and coaching and/or start-up environment is very helpful

Please sent a CV including a statement why you want to work with us and what makes you a good candidate.

We are looking forward to your application until 15 September.

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