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PR & Marketing Manager (f/m)

Green City Solutions GmbH


Marketing PR & Media

Frühestmöglicher Eintrittstermin: Juni 2017

Anstellungsverhältnis: Vollzeit

Berufserfahrung: Manager/in ohne Personalverantwortung

Green City Solutions 

We are a young and innovative Start-up of the CleanTech industry located in Berlin. Our vision is a world in which people in cities can live healthily. We want to create living conditions that allow all people around the world to permanently have clean and cool air to breathe. And we’re achieving that by linking the natural abilities of plants with cutting- edge Internet of Things technology in a unique way. And with that we make a measurable and sustainable contribution to the development of intelligent and future-proof cities.

As we want our work to enable better living conditions for people in cities, it therefore goes without saying that we also offer first-class working conditions for our employees. Our team consists of people from various disciplines and of different nationalities. We really appreciate this diversity of cultures and ways of thinking, because our market is the world: our thinking and our actions have a global character. We want our work to change something. Not just for a moment, but forever. For us, sustainability means that we’re careful with our resources. We live and work ecologically, economically and in a way that is socially sustainable.

For more information please visit: www.greencitysolutions.de

The challenges

  • Media Relations: developing and managing a PR programme to successfully interact with online/offline media
  • Event Management: finding relevant events, evaluating sales potential and managing participation accordingly
  • Social Media channels: feeding channels with engaging content, initiating and fostering dialogue with various audiences
  • Content development: identifying, creating and publishing relevant content for multi-channel use
  • Internal collaboration: efficiently managing the marketing section in the team collaboration tool Confluence
  • Sales support: providing sales team with sales-supporting marketing materials upon request​

The requirements

  • Academic degree in Marketing, Media Science, Communications and/or similar on-the-job experience
  • Professional background in small to mid-size companies and/or agencies, ideally with a focus on B2B businesses
  • 5+ years of professional experience in PR, Social Media and Event management are of advantage
  • Fluent in both German (mother tongue) and English, any additional language is welcome
  • Precise in communicating combined with excellent writing skills, pro- active and open-minded, keen to add value whilst applying high quality standards
  • Working independently, hands-on, persistent, well-organised, international orientation

Do you want to become a member of our team? Do you want to improve the quality of life in cities worldwide?

Then please send your application to: career@mygcs.de !

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