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CTO – in search of purpose (m/f)

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Frühestmöglicher Eintrittstermin Februar 2017

Why we exist

We are dealing with a highly dysfunctional market, which takes advantage of users. A market that bets on you being too lazy to deal with your subscriptions: Internet broadband, mobile phone, electricity, etc. The result: You get overcharged, on average by 900€ a year in Berlin.

We seek to prove that there is a better way, built around a simple question: How would a business have to look like, if a company behaves like a good friend to its customers?

Your opportunity

You shape the technological foundation for a next generation smart assistant that protects its users from being taken advantage of. Based on a constantly evolving recommendation algorithm, which monitors all available offers and tracks the individual contracts of each user by tapping into hundreds of data sources. A smart assistant that behaves like a good friend does and pro-actively optimizes all of our users' subscriptions based on an elaborate rule-set.

We have proven that our model works and are seeing strong traction. We are currently growing by more than 400% year-over-year.

Your role

We are looking for a talented colleague to lead all of our development activities as CTO. If the following describes you, we‘d love to hear from you:

  • Ruby: You spent a good number of years developing a deep understanding of RoR
  • Leadership: You have the ability to coordinate all of our development activities
  • Passion: You don’t just want to lead, but are passionate about coding yourself
  • Big picture: You keep the big picture in mind in everything you do

Our main application is written using Ruby. Some of the technologies we work with:

  • Backend: Ruby, Rails, RSpec and Sidekiq
  • Frontend: Backbone, HAML, SASS, D3 and ZURB Foundation
  • Infrastructure: AWS, docker and dokku. PostgreSQL and Redis

We believe in fair compensation. Hence, besides the salary, you will receive the opportunity to participate in our joint success via stock options.

Our culture

  • Friendship principle: We not only apply this philosophy to our customers, but also to how we work as a team. And we are not talking about a mission statement that hangs on our wall, but concrete actions that we take to make a difference in how we operate.
  • Environment: We design our work-environment in a way that feels good to us. Hence, we pay attention to how it feels spending our working hours in our office.
  • Learning: We constantly experiment with smarter ways of working such as running targeted experiment loops to validate our assumptions.
  • Inspiration: We draw inspiration from partners such as the HPI School of Design with which we collaborated as project partner.
  • Health: We have gotten used to eating healthy lunches every day thanks to our steaming tradition.
  • Open mindedness: We don’t believe in traditional work schedules, but rather respect what works best for each colleague in our team.

These are just a few tidbits about how we work. While our team has started other successful companies before ( is one of them), we believe that we still have a lot to learn. Hence, we are seeking a passionate colleague that not only has the talent to push forward our development activities, but also makes a profound impact on how we evolve as an organization.

Here you'll find more info
about our team as well as some background info in this recent article on Business Insider.