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So what if we gave you a company?

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Frühestmöglicher Eintrittstermin November 2012

Axel Springer is looking for candidates for its Media Entrepreneurs Program

Big companies like to bet on big ideas. But sometimes that is just not good enough. Sometimes success is about sticking with a small idea until it gets big. And almost always success is about determined individuals that carry an idea until its time has come. Ideas are a people business.

As Europe’s largest newspaper and multi-media house, Axel Springer’s future rests on ideas. That is why the right kind of people are our most important resource. And that is why we have decided to create a career program like no other.

As a Media Entrepreneur, we will equip you with a competitive salary and give you the opportunity to build your business idea into an enterprise. Based in our Strategic Product Development division, you will be able to use the team’s experience to analyse it to its core and develop it to market readiness. And once it is ready, we will spin it off to fly on its own. With you in the driver’s seat. So we will give you a company. If you have what it takes.

In parallel, you will be working with creative individuals from all over our network of 12,000 people in 36 countries to help develop other ideas across the media spectrum – and beyond. One day you may deal with tablet magazines. Another with television. Or you might analyse the market for ebooks. Or something else. Or something completely different.

Do you need a grand idea to begin with? Not necessarily. Because nobody knows whether something will work when they start thinking about it. And because we may decide together that a project which has already been started would be a better place for you. As long as you have the entrepreneurial spirit, you are what we are looking for.

What you do need are 12 months time and the stamina to prove yourself in Berlin, Europe’s hottest spot for creativity, full of fascinating people and exciting ideas. You should be willing to take on responsibility quickly, feel enthusiastic about the world of media and curious about one of the market-leading companies in the digital transformation. And your background should show that you can deliver – be it through an excellent university degree, a previous start-up experience or the career you have built. Express anything you would like us to know in the online application process: pitch an idea, tell us about an experience you had or give us another reason why we should not pass on your entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

Do dare. We would love to bet on you.

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