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What would you do and why?


This one of the simplest and yet extremely deceptive problems of all time. It is more commonly known as "The Monty Hall Problem" which gets its name from Monty Hall, who was the original host of the American game show "Let's make a deal!". There is some fun history behind the riddle: Marilyn vos Savant, a woman famous for having a very high IQ (high enough for the Guinness Book of World Records), wrote a column for `Parade´ magazine called `Ask Marilyn´ where readers could write math-related questions for her to answer. One of the readers sent his riddle in to her and her response caused over ten thousand readers, almost a thousand of which had PhD's, to write her and tell her she was wrong.

Unfortunately for them she was right.

Believe it or not, the right move to make in the situation proposed by the riddle is to always switch doors. If you switch doors you will have a 2/3 chance to win the million dollars and if you do not switch doors you will have a 1/3 chance.

An elegant explanation: Assume that you will always choose to switch doors. The only way for you to lose after switching is for you to have initially picked the door with the million dollars behind it. The probability of that happening is definitely and always 1/3, and because of that you will always have a 2/3 probability of winning if you choose to switch doors. Again, if your policy is to always switch doors, then you will always win if you initially picked the a door with a goat behind it, and you will always lose if you initially picked the door with the million dollars behind it.

Another explanation: What the game show host is offering by allowing you to switch doors is effectively the same as the host offering you to select one door and then giving you the opportunity to instead take what is behind both of the doors that you did not pick.



Die Jobbörse ist die erste Anlaufstelle für Startup Jobs in der digitalen Webwirtschaft. Jobs soweit das Auge reicht. Egal, ob Jobs im Bereich Online-Marketing, Operations, Projektmanagement oder der IT: In der Gründerszene-Jobbörse findet jeder eine Vielzahl an Jobs. Die Jobbörse ist speziell auf das unternehmerische Startup-Umfeld fokussiert und bietet somit eine hohe Vielfalt an Positionen mit Web- und Entrepreneurship-Bezug. Die Jobbörse richtet sich an jeden, der entweder eine neue Herausforderung in seinem Beruf – egal, ob Startup oder nicht - oder Verstärkung für sein Startup sucht, um in der schnelllebigen und dynamischen Gründerszene mitzuhalten. In der Jobbörse tummeln sich Startup Jobs für zahlreiche Einstiegslevel, zum Beispiel als Vollzeitkraft, Praktikant, Trainee oder Co-Founder. Auch Tätigkeiten in höheren Management-Positionen sind in der Jobbörse keine Seltenheit. Wer also nach Startup Jobs in der digitalen Wirtschaft sucht, ist in der Gründerszene-Jobbörse genau richtig aufgehoben. Der Bedarf an Startup Jobs scheint endlos, und somit gibt es zahlreiche neue Jobs, die täglich in der Jobbörse erscheinen.

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