Gründerszene (‚founder scene‘) Europe is a magazine for English speakers interested in the German internet startup scene. We cover all the latest news and trends from Germany as well as posting interviews, expert articles and features on web entrepreneurship, venture capitalism in the technology sector and related topics.

With the help of expert contributors who share their experience, we provide tips on how to succeed as a web entrepreneur in Germany in the hope of  inspiring new founders and helping them to implement their vision. Gründerszene Europe will explicitly encourage respect for entrepreneurship and community spirit among young founders, giving fuel to the vibrant startup ecosystem in Germany.

Gründerszene Europe Topics

Gründerszene Europe is built on three essential pillars:

  1. Expert Articles – Contributions by expert authors give readers the inside track on the German startup scene, providing industry-specific knowledge, guidance and advice to help ambitious young entrepreneurs establish their own businesses.
  2. News and Trends – Up to date reporting on breaking developments in the German startup scene. In order to ensure this on a weekly basis, Gründerszene Europe is dedicated to high-quality investigative reporting of current issues. To help us keep up, we call on readers to contribute to this effort by alerting us to stories as they break. Send your e-mails to
  3. Video Interviews – Regular video interviews with key figures in the German startup scene, successful web entreprenuers and internet gurus from around the world. Our film crew will track down anyone and everyone in search of expert opinion, off-the-cuff chat, insider views and pearls of wisdom from those in the know.